The 2009 G3 National Championships are once again going to be the HO race you won't want to miss this year. If you've been before you know it's a very competitive race in every class. Most of you know that this is a single platform race centered around the BSRT G3/G3-R Chassis. We found this to be the best way to make the event fun, competitive, and free from all the politics that can plague HO racing. We felt that we would leave the cross platform racing to the other National organizations and focus on bringing the best G3 racers together to compete and have fun. As our tag line says we want racers to come and "Experience the Best Competition in HO Racing!" and that is exactly what happened at our 2007 and 2008 races, and what you can expect again this year.

We've secured Kennydale Memorial Hall again for the race location as we've found it near perfect for the race. It is close to freeways, airports, hotels, restaurants, and just about every other amenity that you'd like. Plus, its setting has a wonderful Northwest backdrop and the parking is abundant!

We'll again be racing on three incredible state-of-the-art continuous rail Brystal tracks. The G-Jet event will be held on the 4 X 14 Brystal Intrepid and if it's like any race on this track it will be very close. The G-Jet race will require a "body class style". This year the Monterey Historic Races will feature Porsche as the honored racing manufacturer so for our G-Jet body class we will be doing the same. Your body for the G-Jet class, Best Appearing Race Car, and Concours d' Elegance must be a Porsche, any era will be acceptable. We are looking forward to a great field. One quick note for the G-Jet bodies they must be at least .010 thick (10 thousandths). We want to keep this race as close as possible and this will be one of the rule amendments for this year.

The Brystal 4 x 14 Extended Banzai will host the Super Stock event. This is same Extended Banzai track that was used in the Super Stock class at the 2004 HOPRA Nat's, the 2004 & 2005 Western States Races, and the 2007 & 2008 G3 Championships. This track is fast and testy and comes with the long pedigree of hosting great races.

Due to the unavailability of Polymer magnets we have thought carefully about racing this class again. Pro's and con's were discussed at length and we've decided to put the Polymer class on hold for this year. Do not worry though because falling right into place for the G3 National Championships will be Neo Modified. That's right our fast class, test of champions, will be Neo Modified. We'll race this event on our 6 lane 4 x 16 Brystal Scorpion track and expect lots of excitement in this class.  (Note that the Super Stock and Neo Modified can be raced with any body style and you can check the "Rules" for all the specifics.)

So that's three racing classes, G-Jets, Super Stock, and Neo Modified, on three continuous rail Brystal tracks, equaling one fun racing weekend this Summer. We will of course be racing both Pro and Amateur in each class.

Following the success of our first two G3 Championships races we are again working to bring the best G3 racers in the country together for an incredible weekend of racing. We are planning on presenting a HO racing event that everyone will be talking about and wanting to emulate. If you race the G cars, plan on attending, plan on having fun, plan on lots of racing, and most of all plan to "Experience the Best Competition in HO Racing!"

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