G3 National Championships Race Tracks

The G3 National Championships will feature three State-of-the-Art continuous rail Brystal race tracks. Brystal tracks are without a doubt the best HO race tracks made. They are engineered to extremely high standards and tolerances and since we want you to "Experience the Best Competition in HO Racing!" we would have none other than Brystal tracks. And, we may also bring in another Brystal track for practice, support racing, and the public.

Each track will be run by LaneMaster state-of -the-art race and event manager computer timing system. LaneMaster is known as the industry standard for slot racing in all scales and has been used in National and World Slot Championships. We've chosen LaneMaster because of its accuracy (accurate to 1/1000th of a second), reliability (it never locks up) and ease of use. Again, this is because we want to present you with the best and LaneMaster is part of the equation we can count on.

Each track will have fully regulated power supplies with plenty of amps to draw on for the class of cars on the track. Plenty of good clean power is what you need for the best racing and we will provide it at the G3 National Championships.

G-Jet Track

The G-Jet races, both Pro and Amateur, will be held on Emerald City Speedway's incredible 4 X 14 foot "Intrepid" track by Brystal. This track was the first over/under track in the Northwest and was built with the craftsmanship of a Steinway Piano. As you can see in the photo below, there is scenery around the track that adds realism to your racing experience. Being it is an over/under track every lane is the same length, however, that doesn't mean they all drive the same, the different lanes will test your skills in ways you may not know. This track has been used in several HOPAC series races, the Washington State 2006 Fall Championship Series, the 18th Annual Rothwell Hockenheimrins 6 hour Enduro in December 2006, the 2007 G3 Championships, and the 2008 G3 National Championships.

Super Stock Track

For the Pro and Amateur Super Stock races we'll be using the 4 x14 foot extended Banzai track. Yet another incredible Brystal track, being two feet longer than the standard Banzai, this layout can really test your racing skills. The track is in perfect shape, smooth, clean, and fast. We don't feel there is a better track for Super Stock racing. This track also has quite a bit of history. It was first used for the 2004 HOPRA Nats followed by the 2004 & 2005 Western States Races, the Oregon State Championships, several HOPAC series races, and the 2006 Washington State Fall Championship Series, the 2007 G3 Championships, and the 2008 G3 National Championships.

Neo Modified Track

The Neo Modified race will be held on a 4 X 16 foot Brystal Scorpion track. Our Scorpion track was built by Brystal's own Bryan Henden especially for the G3 National Championships. It is state-of-the-art in every way and will have plenty of juice for the Neo Modified class. This is the granddaddy of all HO racetracks. The "Scorpion" is the track that not only measures and tests a racers skill, but it's the layout that HO racing records are held on and strived for. We expect super fast and exciting races on the Scorpion.

So as you can see we've picked three incredible Brystal tracks to run the G3 Championships on. No click-clack tracks, just sweet smooth continuous rail race tracks so you can as our tag line says, "Experience the Best Competition in HO Racing!"

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